Travelling doesn’t only take you from one place to another, but it teaches you more about life. While it can sometimes be difficult to choose a destination for your travel adventure, it is also an exciting part in planning your vacation.

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If you haven’t decided yet where you can go, how about Dhaka, Bangladesh? Let us tell you why travelling to Dhaka is definitely worth your time and how Bangkok Airways can be part of your little adventure!

Dhaka is a bustling city filled with adventures and scenery that offers a remarkable experience for all its visitors.

Ahsan Manzil is the palace that represents the great monarchy of the past. The pink palace that is now a national museum, showing off its beautiful architecture that is a mix of European and far Eastern art. Another museum that should not be missed when you’re in Dhaka is Lalbagh Fort. It was designed in 1678 by a Bengali prince but was not finished by his successors. As an incomplete palace, Lalbagh Fort was later on turned into a tomb and museum which displays ancient armours, coins and weapons.


In the heart of Dhaka is where you will find the oldest mosque, Baitul Mukarram Mosque. The Baitul Mukarram Mosque  is located in the Ramna Park, a place where anyone can enjoy a peaceful afternoon walk. In front of the mosque is a pathway that leads to a fountain where most Islamic religious activities are practiced.

Located 35 kilometres northwest of Dhaka is Jatiyo Smriti Soudho ( National Martyrs’ Memorial). It serves as a symbol of sacrifice from the heroes who brought the freedom of the Bengali people through the 1971 war. You can buy souvenirs such as accessories, CD’s, dolls and many more at the stalls and markets outside the memorial.

The essential part of the country’s industry can be found in Chittagong, 260 kilometres from Dhaka. Chittagong is considered a heaven for shoppers with thousands of factories that export products such as paintings, wooden crafts, clothes, woven mats and many more.

When you travel to Dhaka, don’t miss out Cox’s Bazaar, a popular destination for tourists. This seaport is 200 kilometres away from Chittagong and boasts of many seafood restaurants. Tourists can also chill at the beach or go horseback riding.

Make sure to try the delicious dishes of Bangladesh that includes the special cooked rice pilau and naan. While strolling around, you can munch on an herb stuffed snack called pann and rasmalai, a dessert which is made from soft dough with a mixture of cheese, milk, sugar and spices.

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