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Immersing oneself in this Southeast Asian destination and experiencing local culture is the greatest find. The city of Danang brags about the charms of Vietnam with half of it absorbing glamors from the ancient city Hoi An, and another from the Imperial City of Hue. Owing to the proximity to those two cities, although they are separate towns, they actually visited at one. This Danang travel blog will take all vacation planners to the city down Hanoi but above Ho Chi Minh. And few people know Danang shares sights of silky beaches for privacy to maintain.  

Danang holds a title of the largest city in Central Vietnam. As a port city, everywhere vacationers flock is inescapable of seaside area to soak up the typical warm and balmy climate of Southeast Asia. The remains from its humble beginning as a fishing village is still clear to see and to indulge in. Slowly adjusting to the outside world, Danang gradually mushroomed with modernists hotels and trendy restaurants. Today, the city welcomes worldwide backpackers making them wondering why they never traveled here sooner.


1. Danang Travel Blog | Non Nuoc Beach (China Beach)

China Beach Non Nuoc Beach Danang Travel Blog

Tailor your trip to suit your mood for perfect vacation at Non Nuoc Beach (China Beach). When in Vietnam, there is no need to get on board sailing far across the waters just to discover pristine beach destinations and places to visit in Danang. Regrettably overlooked by beach bums,  Non Nuoc beach sets the new standard for Vietnam’s unspoiled coasts boasting stretch of pale sand with rare litter, lines of wind-blown coconut trees and a handful of sun loungers to get your skin tanned.

So follow this Danang travel blog and fly off to this Danang’s best kept secret before other travelers find out about it too. But don’t rush to roam around it since Non Nuoc Beach spans only five kilometers along the Hoa Hai coastline. In order to find that out, a 20-minute drive from Danang city is required and it’s not far from the city access in case of necessity. For those who have a penchant for staying overnight, behind those swaying coconut trees hides five-star hotels and amenities great enough to make your holiday vacation a trip to remember.


2.Danang Travel Blog | My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach Danang Travel Blog

This Danang travel blog will never complete without giving tips to a place where it causes for reasons why globetrotters packing their bags and fly off to Danang. My Khe Beach is Vietnamese’s veritable lifeblood promoting Vietnam tourism in the past few years. Instead of dotting itself with sun loungers just like the Non Nuoc Beach does, My Khe Beach adds extra charm and exclusivity by Vietnam’s basket boats not to be found elsewhere. The basket boats are echos to authentic Vietnamese and give it a visit is one of the things to do in Danang.

Twice the Non Nuoc Beach’s length, My Khe Beach stretches 10 kilometers along the coastline of Son Tra Peninsula to the Marble Mountains. Easily reachable within 10 minutes from Ports of Hoi An, My Khe Beach has high-rises and imposing hotels as its surroundings including many more that are under construction. As the most sought-after destination in Danang, it follows crowds and hustle and bustle. My Khe Beach yet maintains special privacy during the normal working hours.


3.Danang Travel Blog | Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Danang Travel Blog

Setting foot in Ba Na Hills, it is no different than entering the replica of Disneyland. Better seen from an airplane is way to describe its wonderful location sitting on a hilly terrain of Ba Na Chua Mountain, one of the places to visit in Danang. Ba Na Hills is a well-thought-out fantasy park decked out in French village concept and design. Slightly underestimated by the world, Ba Na Hills proved to be the face of a country with spellbinding surrounding, pleasant weather, amusement park rides, fairy tales architecture on a quite isolated land.

Rising 1,487 meters above ground, Ba Na Hills escapes the warm and balmy weather of Southeast Asia. Founded by the French colonists in 1919, that’s where the French Village sitting at its summit received influence from. Ba Na Hills was no longer Vietnam’s best kept secret until its cable car debut in 2009. The cable car holds the title for the world’s longest cable car ride spanning 5 kilometers distance from the starting point to the hilltop of French Village. From this point to everywhere in Ba Na Hills, misty-covered sceneries are common sight to see as well as its dreamlike setting. So do not think twice to follow this Danang travel blog!


4.Danang Travel Blog | Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge Danang Travel Blog

For all vacation planners heading to Danang, they can’t deny missing to catch up with the city’s latest landmark. Featured in any Danang travel blog, visiting Dragon Bridge built crossing the Han river is one of the things to do in Danang. Famous for zigzagging dragon from beginning to the end of the bridge, the dragon is brought to life with light display at night and technically breathes fire and water from its mouth every weekend, if you are lucky to see.

First-time visitors shouldn’t dare miss, out of its bizarre shape, the Dragon Bridge with its 666 meters in length is the longest bridge in Danang. Other than roaming around this six-lane bridge leading to the famous My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach, visitors can opt to sit at one of the riverfront restaurants & cafes that offer terrace seats to overlook Vietnam’s nocturnal life and the true star of the show, the longest bridge in Danang of dragon shape symbolizing power, nobility and good fortune.


5.Danang Travel Blog | Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village

Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village Danang Travel Blog

This quaint town of Vietnam is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to local Vietnamese who still focusing on the importance of craftsmanship and homegrown produces, Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village is able to thrive from its starting point for two centuries now. No place in Danang beats this fine arts village for grabbing some souvenir back home, especially original ones. The village is located modestly at the foot of the famous Five Marble Mountains toward the South of Danang city, and is one of the places to visit in Danang.

Over 500 manufacturers and carving products, Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village showcases and sells all kinds of marble handicrafts such as vase, statues, household items and trinkets made of stone found in excavation within the mountain. Given that the village stays close to many ancient pagodas nearby, Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village hosts delicate marble sculptures such as the Buddha, animals, sphinxes and well-known national characters. So follow this Danang travel blog to visit Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village as it is also claimed a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, the pride of Vietnamese’s finest workmanship.


6.Danang Travel Blog | Han Market

han market danang travel blog

credit: http://www.vietnam-guide.com/da-nang/shopping/han-market.htm

Han Market is promising more of commodities to go on a shopping spree thanks to its 28,000 square meters area of bustling shopping opportunities. This Danang travel blog is boasting Danang’s largest market, the two-storey building covers huge space at the grand intersection of Tran Phu Street, Hung Vuong Street, Bach Dang Street and Tran Hung Dao Street. It is where genuine Vietnamese lifestyle is observed while they make their way waking up early to buy fresh produces, veggies, tropical fruits, butchered meat at the market’s ground level.

Han Market has opened its door to local Vietnamese and foreign tourists alike since the French occupancy in the 1940s. The market was named after the Han river ran side by side. With hundreds of stalls selling cooking ingredients in front of the market, foreign tourists need no regret to taste local Vietnamese dishes since food court located indoor caters their needs with an array of Vietnamese dishes. Han Market has got you things to do in Danang besides tasting local food since the upper level offers souvenirs, cosmetics, fashion clothes, handicrafts, ornaments etc.


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