Restaurants in Nha Trang

Seaside restaurants, riverside eatery, chilled & chic bar are our finding meticulously selected from hundreds of where to eat in Nha Trang. Apart from engrossed in beach activities or obsessed with the underwater world, seeking some time to please your taste buds with fresh seafood/Vietnamese delicacy is as blissful as those moments. Today we sum up 5 restaurants in Nha Trang that worth visiting. Whether you come as a group, a solo traveler, or a sweet couple, we’re sure one of these will match your taste and type!


1. Sandals Restaurant (Nha Trang Sailing Club)

Sailing Club Nha Trang edit

From breakfast, brunch, lunch to dinner till dawn, you can count on Nha Trang Sailing club, one of the largest entertainment complexes in South East Asia and one of the precious restaurants in Nha Trang. Sitting in a prime location of touristy spot in Nha Trang, the Sailing Club connects people from all ages and all types with its three distinctive settings which vary depending on the hour of the day.

Sailing Club Nha Trang 2

Sailing Club Nha Trang 3

During the morning hours, the Sailing Club has turned itself into a beachfront ‘Sandals Restaurant’ serving splendid cocktails and light meals. After the sun has kissed Nha Trang sea, the Sailing Club delivers a sophisticated dining experience with eclectic international dishes.

Sailing Club Nha Trang 4

Sailing Club Nha Trang 5

When the clock tick closer to midnight, there it is again transforming into a night club offering the best dance floor and latest tunes for party people.

Opening Hours: Daily 7:00 AM – 2:00 AM



2. Nha Trang View Restaurant

Nha Trang View 7

Alfresco seats with a view of Nha Trang bay has become unrivaled competitive advantage of ‘Nha Trang View Restaurant’. It’s a testament that you don’t always have to go up on the rooftop to get the best view. In fact, it’s one of the average seaside restaurants in Nha Trang that serves you well with a touch of sea breeze and golden waves crashing at sunset.

Nha Trang View 3

Nha Trang View 8

Nha Trang View is simply a restaurant that defines itself precisely with its title. Talking about its signature menu, the restaurant mainly serves fresh seafood and in the morning, it will transform into a cafe serving breakfast. So people can come here earlier to grab a bite before hopping to other attractions in the list.

Nha Trang View final

Nha Trang View 5

For those on the lookout of middle-class restaurant with good view, great seafood in reasonable price, Nha Trang View Restaurant is a rarity Nha Trang has to offer.

Opening Hours: Daily 6:30 AM – 10.00 PM




Chef's Club photoscaped

The Chef’s Club @Nha Trang has reinvented all foodies’ gastronomical journey with its bold idea of revolving culinary artists for the monthly dining events. This innovation and constant change means that you never know what’re expecting you up on this 43th floor of the Skylight building.

Chef's Club Skylight Nha Trang 3

Chef's Club Skylight Nha Trang

Added to this, is a panoramic view of Nha Trang’s cityscape that’s in line with the curve of the Nha Trang’s coastline. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for the unobstructed view in the very best version of Nha Trang. Well you might think it’s out of reach but it turns out to be the opposite. This million dollars view surprisingly comes with reasonable price which all types of travelers can afford.

Chef's Club Skylight Nha Trang 2

The restaurant is currently open from the evening until midnight so we recommend you to go for a dinner, however, there are plans for breakfast and lunch in the near future too. Chef’s Club is one of the restaurants in Nha Trang offering an absolute dining option for all foodies on the hunt looking for authenticity and tastefulness.

 Opening Hours: Daily 4:30 PM – 12:00 AM



4. Champa Garden Restaurant

Champa Garden Restaurant 2

Having dinner by the river has always been the chillax thing to do with your family or loved ones, especially when the view is more than just the calm river because there are fishing boats dotted on the waters so that we can simultaneously soak up their local culture. These are all offered by Champa Garden Restaurant, one of the celebrated restaurants in Nha Trang serving freshest seafood in town!

Champa Garden Restaurant

And it is easily accessible thanks to its favorable location near other famed tourist attractions. One of them is the awe-inspiring ‘Po Nagar Charm Towers’, the city’s oldest temple complex. Putting this together with attentive & friendly staff, Champa Garden Restaurant has become the unmissable eatery tourists go before heading home.

Champa Garden Restaurant 3

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM



5. Qui Cuisine Mixology

Qui Cuisine Mixology edit

Qui Cuisine Mixology 8

Mingled the dining lounge with hotel dining room, Qui Cuisine Mixology is a perfect combination for lunching at day and hanging out at night. Their stylish and contemporary decor features sleek marbles, warm tone of wooden furniture and glass pendant lights. The mood and vibes, as a result, are luxurious, elegant and sophisticated.

Qui Cuisine Mixology 2

For foodies on the hunt, it might be a bit disappointing provided that the restaurant places emphasis on small plates with nice decoration and seasonal cocktails rather than a full course meal.

Qui Cuisine Mixology 6

Qui Cuisine Mixology 9

On the other side, there are so much more to expect for cocktail fans. So you’d better head to the bar and enjoy a grand selection of creative cocktails, premium wine, sake and Japanese whisky. Added to this, is to have DJ’S playing Deep House, Hip Hop or R&B genre every night.

Qui Cuisine Mixology 4

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 AM – 2.00 AM



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