Phuket Beaches

Phuket is no longer a stranger to beach bums. As Thailand’s largest island and a province itself, what unavoidably comes with its heavenly topography is a bunch of beaches from all its facets. Taking a look closely, all beaches aren’t that identical. You’ll never get to experience the same feeling & vibes between the two or more. That’s why a guide to Phuket beaches is indispensable as much as you may need some sun protection during summer.

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These 8 beaches in Phuket that we’ve handpicked are approachable by a car and motorcycle, especially when you’re usually tired after sailing and prefer a quick beach hopping within a short ride. From tourist-occupied to ones that locals go, Phuket’s sleek beaches relentlessly spoil those on the lookout for a decent beach vacation Thailand has to offer.

Ya Nui Beach

Yanui beach

One of the liveliest with compatible backgrounds representing Southeast Asia’s balmy climate is Ya Nui Beach. Small in scale but great in property, visiting Ya Nui has finally become a rising trend among Thais and foreign vacationers alike.

Yanui beach

Located at the foot of Windmill Viewpoint with its left side adjacent to Promthep Cape, Ya Nui Beach sits in a sweet location that unintentionally provides a view of two prominent capes of Phuket all at once.


Naturally formed a triangular-shaped beach where the tip pointed to little rock formation, somehow people love to take photographs there as much as they enjoy doing so at the right side of the beach, which boasts a yellow mustard mountain behind with a field of sturdy sugar palms. Apart from getting a tan, kayaking is a must-do around Ya Nui Beach thanks to the clear turquoise sea that allows you to see what lies beneath the water’s surface.

 Kata Noi Beach

 Kata Noi beach

Hemmed by opulent resorts, Kata Noi Beach is sheltered in a corner along Phuket’s West Coast, and might not be easily accessible compared to ones in an open space. Parking is limited for cars, but to those riding motorcycles, there is enough space for parking your bikes.


The rare parking lot is substituted by a privacy rarely found in Phuket beaches. Away from hustle & bustle, also away from litter, Kata Noi Beach encompasses a wide clean beach to walk freely without stumbled across plastic bottles & bags and unfavorable sceneries.


The seawater is colored in light blue with low tide, allowing a tranquil swimming during the high season months. Outside of rocky headlands at either end of the bay, the rest is almost rock-free, meaning that nothing can stub your toe on while you’re soaking in it.

Nai Harn Beach

 Nai Harn beach

The number of locals and tourists go is virtually in the same ratio. Contrary to most beaches where the surroundings are 5-star resorts, Nai Harn Beach’s seaside area is occupied by groups of tall trees in a flat landscape, providing a shady public area for residents to bring their own mat and lie down for a warm Sunday afternoon.


Although Nai Harn Beach does not stand tall and proud for its clean beach, you wouldn’t believe that the water and all its surroundings look dazzlingly astonishing when looking from afar, especially en route to the Krating Cape. Some soon-to-be-married couples even opt for this place as their pre-wedding outdoor venue.


Nai Harn Beach also outperforms its neighbors with chill bars and hippy restaurants serving seafood, fusion, international and Thai food. Sit and eat the day away at some of these local eateries in Nai Harn could bring you simple delight to your life :)

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach Phuket

It is said that most Thais are quite familiar with Phuket beaches, and that they are rarely amazed with beach recommended by any travel guide. But lately there comes a trend of a ‘secret beach’ hidden in Phuket which surprisingly occurs a phenomenon that any travel blogger couldn’t dare avoid talking about it


Locals get to know it in a term called ‘Mai Ngao Beach’ or ‘Secret Beach’ but tourists generally refer to it as ‘Freedom Beach’. Regardless of the name, this beach is gaining its footing. Sadly to know that you must pay 200 THB for entrance fee, and the path leading to this beach destination is adventurous and sweat-inducing.


What comes in exchange with a price is like your own private slice of paradise with no stalls, no hawkers, no beach chairs rental. The only things that come in your way thus are azure sea, super clean beach, serene mood and a few of fellow tourists. Freedom Beach is a beach to truly free your mind and pondering about life.

Karon Beach

Karon beach

Karon Beach is a kick start why this Phuket Beach travel guide is made. It’s explicitly a testament that decent beach without requiring you to sail across the islands really exists. The water is as crystal clear as those deep-sea islands, while the sand is as warm as sun-kissed powder.


So much beauty in Karon Beach that only few tourists dotted the beach surprised us. Karon Beach is a gem that lives up to the hype and to those who wish to see the best version of Phuket beaches has in store, here is the place to be. A placid seascape in Karon won’t get you in a situation where you’ll be staring at the clock waiting for the day to end. Shades of blue from clear sky to the glittering water, in combination with sea breeze will make you fall head over heels in love with.


For beach umbrella rental, it costs 100 THB. If you were to soak up the sun, just simply skip it. However, considering when you may need a shady & pleasant corner to eschew the scorching sun, this could be your temporary shelter.

Layan Beach


As if you were in the island off shore Phuket, Layan Beach is one of the Phuket beaches that cuts above the rest with its shockingly serene beach vibes. Within the boundaries of Sirinat Marine National Park, Layan Beach is still far away from being occupied by private-owned construction. When such things did not happen to Layan, needless to say, the beach is much cleaner and quieter for a greater vacation. Appearing to be a curved beach with tall pine trees fringed it, Layan Beach provides capacious space for a picnic favored among natives.

Layan Beach

Adjoining to Kala Island on its northern part, no activity is more enjoyable than renting a kayak to take you on a short voyage around Kala Island and the nearby lagoon. Rowing to the small pier behind the beach, here is where long-tail and fishing boats docked during monsoon. Here too is a reflection of Thai traditional fishing way of life.


Despite enviably owning peaceful atmosphere with not much development in the area, Layan is not that isolated. Quite the opposite, one of Phuket’s illustrious beach clubs is located within walking distance, offering fair-priced Thai and Western dishes, plus a sundowner to end the day beautifully with the sinking sun.

Laem Ka Beach

 Laem Ka beach

Any travel guide will never introduce you to this…Laem Ka Beach, meaning that if not natives, you may not find a true jewel of Phuket beaches for your peaceful vacation ever. What’s beautiful in the eyes of locals hints us that this beach still retains charms of virgin nature.


Dated back many decades, Laem Ka coexists with Phuket from a very humble beginning, but during the tourism boom in this Southern Thailand’s island, surprisingly but true that not many tourists have left their footprints on Laem Ka Beach, leaving it a vacation spot where those locals in the know gathering here for some quality family time.


‘Laem Ka is the calmest beach among all Phuket beaches’ is not an exaggeration given that you won’t come across any restaurant, wellness & spa, shopping center, including pick-up & drop off service. It’s advisable to rent a car or motorcycle and get a direction from google map. Laem Ka Beach is only 500 meters away from Rawai Beach so it’s not that hard to find.

Rawai Beach

Rawai beach

How abundant Thai marine life is can be witnessed yourself at Rawai Beach, a seafood culinary destination for those on the lookout of the most mouth-watering seafood dishes in Phuket. Whether by search or through the mouths of locals, Rawai has always on top of the list.


A seaside lined seafood restaurants and local fresh seafood stalls are expecting you in Rawai. If you make it there before the market is closed, and hope to get those at a fair price, we recommend taking a stroll through the market and do some shopping then get it cooked by stores in the opposite.


The price will be much cheaper. And for those who can’t make it during the opening hours, another seafood restaurants also offer low-priced meals where you can sit, feed your tummy and hear the relaxing sounds of waves in one of the well-known Phuket beaches.

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