India has long been one of the top choices of travel destinations for pilgrims and followers of various faiths and religions. Notable for its diversity, this country is where almost every religious and spiritual belief is considered sacred, and many of these beliefs and practices still exist today. Travellers who will take on a sacred journey will find a great number of pilgrimage sites and places to visit in India. True to its religious versatility, the country offers a sacred path to everyone. Hindus can visit holy tourist places such as Amarnath and Brindarvan. Magnificent mosques where Muslims can say their prayers in worship of Allah can be found in different corners of India.

Below are travel tips and travel destinations for pilgrims who want to embark on a meaningful journey to the land of diversity.

  • Bhimashankar Temple

Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Bhimashankar Temple is where old traditions meet the new ones. The temple is among the top pilgrimage travel sites in India where Hindus can chant prayers and perform rituals. Bhimashankar Temple has become a place of redemption for Hindus who are seeking peace and knowledge about fasts, myths, legends, rituals, and tirths.

  • The Golden Temple

The Golden temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, was originally built in 1574 by Guru Arjan as a place of worship for individuals from all walks of life. The dazzling temple is beautifully surrounded by a crystal-clear lake. This beautiful temple is one of the best pilgrimage travel destinations where devotees of the Sikh religion can take in the calmness of the atmosphere and chant their prayers in the shrines within the premises.

  • Dargah Hazratbal

The holy place of Dargah Hazratbal houses an important relic, the sacred hair of Prophet Muhammad, Moi-e-Muqaddas. The enchanting mosque lies on the left bank of Dal Lake, which offers stunning mountain and lakeside views. This mosque also symbolizes the eternal love and respect of Muslims for Prophet Muhammad.

  • Thomas Cathedral

India has plenty of ancient churches for Christian pilgrims. And one of those beautiful churches that are often featured in travel guide articles and well-visited by Christians is the St. Thomas Cathedral. The cathedral, which has a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Expectation, has a close proximity to the Guindy neighbourhood and Chennai International Airport .

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