Sukhothai is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and the first Siamese kingdom that has the most influence on how Thailand is today especially when it comes to its art, culture and architecture.

It was also King Ramkamhaeng, the kingdom’s most famous king that inducted Theravada Buddhism to be the “national” religion and aided in the creation of the Thai writing system.

In this travel guide you will have everything you need to know from attractions in Sukhothai, how to get around and some tips to make your adventure a blast!

  1. Sukhothai Historical Park

If you are into history and is marvelled by the past, this attraction in Sukhothai should be on your top list! You can find what’s left of the original city of Sukhothai at the Sukhothai Historical Park.

Divided into 5 zones, the central area of the Sukhothai Historical Park is where you can find the biggest ruins all clumped together. Outside this area is where you will see the north, south, east and west zones which are all a little drive away or a bike ride away if you want to feel more like a local.

Some temples you can find:


  • Wat Mahathat – the largest of the remains and was considered before as the center of the entire kingdom, you can find this temple at the central zone.
  • Wat si Chum – the temple where you the sitting Buddha called Phra Achana is located. Many can attest that this statue is the most impressive you can see in the historical park with its width that is up to 11 metres wide and its fingers as big as human being.
  • Wat Chetphon – also one of the big Buddha you can find in the park, the Wat Chetphon is located at the south zone. Also seen are four stucco figures showing a Buddha in its standing, walking, reclining and sitting positions.
  • Wat Tra Phang – this temple is situated at the central zone’s east side, this one is free to visit because it is outside of the park and close proximity to the old city fresh market.
  1. Costs

Some attractions in Sukhothai would require an entrance fee, and it may be a little confusing because entrance fees differ from locals and foreigners.

There are separate tickets needed for the north, central and west zones, and is sold at 100 baht each for foreigners and 30 baht for Thais. Rental of bicycles at the entrance of the park is 20 baht, or you may ride the tram going around for 20 baht as well.


  1. Tips for visiting

Before you do your travel itinerary, do some research. It is always better to read about a place you are going to, to know what to expect, some do’s and don’ts and other important things that can make your visit a pleasure.

Stay the night! While it is quite possible to visit all the ruins in one day, it would be better if you can explore everything without the rush of going home or lack of time. You shouldn’t stress yourself in rushing and eventually not seeing every temple in the park. Don’t forget to bring water to hydrate yourself as you go around. The weather can be really hot, and it can tire you out if you don’t have a water to hydrate yourself. The park opens early and it can be a good choice to take advantage of a cooler morning to start your tour.

  1. How to get there

It takes about 5 hours to get to Sukhothai’s new city from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Once you get to Sukhothai, the ruins are 12 km away, and you may take either a songthaew (shared taxi), rickshaw (similar to a tuktuk), or motorbike taxis.

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