If you are looking for a vacation place that is laidback and relaxing but offers a delightful cultural experience like no other, the capital city of Laos, Vientiane should be in the top list of your places to visit.

A city that is surrounded with French architectures, marvel in the beauty of a lot of cultural sites and ancient Buddhist temples, walk around or tour the city through riding a bike. Just a travel advice, if you want to experience exploring Vientiane the local way, you can hire a song-toew as you explore. Vientiane will leave you in awe as you discover the gems of this charming and majestic city.

We will be giving you a list of great places that has graced the glossy pages of travel magazines, or some of the favourites of travel blog features. Ready yourself to have the ultimate vacation you can dream of and don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for travel promotions or airline offers going to Laos after seeing our list.

  1. Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan)

Featuring over 200 complex designed religious sculptures and statues, the famous Buddha Park also known as Xieng Khuan is 25km outside Vientiane.

The park was built by a monk who studied both Hinduism and Buddhism which explains the combination of religious styles of the park. Among the many sculptures you can find in Buddha Park is the three-headed elephant which represents the king of Hindu gods, Indra.

  1. That Luang – Vientiane Great Stupa

This 148 tall stupa featuring two temples, is the most sacred and most beautiful monument in the entire Laos. A travel advice, you must not miss the chance to see this monument which is also a national symbol that is located 4km northeast of Vientiane.

  1. Patuxai Victory Momument

A great place for a nice evening stroll or if you are simply looking for a place to relax, the Patuxai is where you will also find the Patuxai Victory Monument, truly an impressive work of art; this arch is reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. You can find images of Hindu Gods plus 5 towers all made in the traditional Laotian style represented in the magnificent design of one the most impressive monuments in Vientiane.

  1. .Vientiane Night Market

The riverfront in Vientiane is where you can locate the red-roofed stalls of the Vientiane Night Market. You will find here a bunch of tourists looking for pieces to bargain or to simply enjoy the Mekong atmosphere.

Truly a place where you can relax and feel laid back, you may also enjoy the view of the beautiful sunset as you visit the Vientiane Night Market where vendors usually begin their set up. Choose from a ray of goodies such as souvenirs, clothes, accessories and many more, don’t miss visiting one of the many favourite spots of tourists here in Vientiane.

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