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In this Mae Hong Son travel blog, stepping away from technology is possible here in Mae Hong Son Thailand. Without thinking about it twice, Mae Hong Son should be taken in your natural wonders bucket list. Those who’ve just explored Chiang Mai’s natural attractions and feeling your trip isn’t complete, do not wait to opt for traveling to Mae Hong Son, the north-westernmost city bordering Myanmar and is 276 kilometers away from Chiang Mai. Dubbed as “The City of Three Mists”, Mae Hong Son Thailand touts itself to be Thailand’s Switzerland. Given that title, first-time travelers know what to expect after a 45-minute flight flying from Chiang Mai.

Pai mae hong son

Setting foot in Mae Hong Son is like another world, the year-round misty climate that encircling the area makes it the most livable city to explore its rolling mountains and rustic atmosphere. Mae Hong Son is home to the famous touristy spot, Pai district where it calls for steady flow of backpackers to drop by a visit. Places to visit in Mae Hong Son is so prolific in natural resources such as waterfalls, valleys, wild jungles, hot springs, unseen caves which are altogether forming part of the city.   


1.Pai District | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

Pai city Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

Mae Hong Son Travel Blog will not complete without introducing this quaint village. Many Thailand vacation getaways for sure include beaches and islands, but Mae Hong Son defeats them with a small district called ‘Pai’. On the banks of the Pai river, there has long been a small tranquil village covered in haze, and at the same time, is situated amidst valleys that surround it. From humble beginning as a small village riches in virgin jungle, Pai is now backpackers’ wish list with full options of budget guesthouses, local bars, and good vibes, of course.   

Food at Pai night market

With these attributes making up the city, though without reasoning about its location at a near distance from Chiang Mai, Pai has recently become a must-visit destination that all backpackers wish to tick off their travel bucket list in their northern Thailand travel itinerary. Pai is exceptionally lively every Wednesday when a makeshift night market is set as it gathers local and tribal people, some of them are merchants selling exotic souvenir, while some are customers, altogether forming hustle and joyful atmosphere as one of the places to visit in Mae Hong Son.


2.Doi Mae Ho | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

Doi Mae Ho Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

When visiting Mae Hong Son between the months of November and December, jot down Doi Mae Ho as a destination in your travel wish list. Let this Mae Hong Son Travel Blog introduce you to Doi Mae Ho, which bragging about spectacular sunflower fields that painted the mountains yellow and makes reason why travelers keep coming to Mae Hong Son Thailand. On the roadside that lies many small hill tribe villages, Doi Mae Ho is alternatively the gateway to authentic hill tribe experience. If you are not in a hurry, take your time to meet them, know them and be astounded by their beautiful homegrown plants. The more you get to know them, the more special they become.  

Pai River

After complete a side trip to small hill tribe villages, you can opt for boat trip along the scenic Pai River to Ban Nam Piang Din : the biggest and oldest hill tribe community in Thailand. Experience the genuineness of villagers, chat with locals along with great photo opportunities, get your hands on some souvenirs, Doi Mae Ho offers all-in-one experience at a time and one of the places to visit in Mae Hong Son you shouldn’t dare miss.


3.Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Doi Mae Ho Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

Noticeable from most sites in Mae Hong Son ThailandWat Phra That Doi Kong Mu  is positioned atop of Doi Kong Mu with unexplainable panoramic vista. It is one of the places to visit in  Mae Hong Son in this Mae Hong Son Travel Blog  because it is distinguishable from the rest with its whitewashed chedis founded since 1860, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is modeled after Burmese buddhist temple architectural style. Greatly benefits from its location, the temple allows all pilgrims to take in the sight of the city’s hilly terrain as one of the things to do in Mae Hong Son.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu (2)

On the summit of the white chedi is a golden spire shining gleamingly. What deserves to be enshrined inside couldn’t be anything but the ashes of one of the Buddha’s chief disciples, Phra Moggallana. Of all placidity and stillness the temple usually offers, Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is specially jovial whenever festive annual events take place. Aside from sightseeing and paying homage to the chedi , foreign travelers can take part in their special events as one of the things to do in Mae Hong Son.


4.Su Tong Pae Bridge | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

Su Tong Pae Bridge Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Doi Mae Ho Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

Building upon the foundation of faith of Pai local residents, Su Tong Pae Bridge is a distinguishing feature in the midst of the evergreen rice paddies. The length of this bamboo bridge is supposedly to represent the longest bamboo bridge in Thailand, which is long enough to roam around to absorb the freshness of green rice paddies. Rarely will you find such scenery elsewhere but in the outskirts of Mae Hong Son Thailand, it becomes their iconic landmark. That’s why this Mae Hong Son Travel Blog guides whoever come to the city to take a stroll along this bamboo bridge.

Tham Poo Sa Ma Temple

Stretching 500 meters across several rice paddies,  the bridge was built as a walkway for monks and villagers to commute back and forth from Tham Poo Sa Ma Temple at one end to Kung Mai Saak Village at the other. And as mentioned earlier, the bridge was built upon faith with the land donated by farmers to the local communities and the bridge construction was a result of cooperation from the villagers. When they joined hands, the result was that Su Tong Pae Bridge took only 2 months and 12 days to complete!


5.Pang Ung | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

pang ung Su Tong Pae Bridge Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Doi Mae Ho Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

Mae Hong Son has nothing short of amazing natural attractions and it turns the spotlight on Pang Ung. Located very close to the Myanmar border, Pang Ung is nestled in the area between Phang Ma Pa and Mae Hong Son town. A large reservoir surrounded by pine forest is a scene to which all travelers expecting to see and it is unintentionally the symbol of Pang Ung where most photos are taken.  

Lakeside Camping is absolutely one of the things to do in Pang Ung  recommended in this Mae Hong Son Travel Blog  for all campers wishing to cast their eyes on the lake view which covered by fog in the morning. Pang Ung is one of the places to visit in Mae Hong Son and makes the province to earn the title ‘Switzerland of Thailand’ though it is located just in Mae Hong Son Thailand.

Bamboo raft in Pang Ung

A bamboo raft ride in the reservoir assures that newcomers have really visited Pang Ung. Apart from pleasing spectacles of tranquility, royal swans from the Queen with a pair of black swans and white swans that happily floating on the lake is a rare sight to behold. Pang Ung is also known to be one of the Royal Initiative Projects by HM Queen Sirikit for highland development.  


6.Namtok Mae Surin National Park | Mae Hong Son Travel Blog 

Namtok Mae Surin National Park Su Tong Pae Bridge Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu Doi Mae Ho Mae Hong Son Travel Blog

Mae Hong Son  never fails anyone from its untouched nature. Roaring waterfall, as proof to this, is inhabited in Namtok Mae Surin National Park  nestled in a faraway jungle in the areas of Khun Yuam and Muang districts. Local and foreign explorers are appealed by its leading attraction in the national park: Mae Surin Waterfall, which is its namesake. Follow this Mae Hong Son travel blog  to occupy you a day of things to do in Namtok Mae Surin National Park: trekking and dipping in the water!

Doi Pui Co

Mae Surin Waterfall is a 180-meter single-tier waterfall hemmed by towering cliffs. Rich in bushiness, the national park as a consequence houses different natural attractions from waterfalls, caves, river and much more. Outside majestic waterfalls, the national park is home to the famous flat-top mountain known as Doi Pui Co  which embraced cool climate suitable for growing winter plants and is renowned for one of the places to visit in Mae Hong Son.

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