Aside from things to do in Phuket beaches, one of the most visited attractions are the Wats or temples. These temples are sacred especially for the locals because these serve as their worship places which also hold a part of their history. What tourists should consider also is that going to the temples is way different compared to going to the beach. In temples, you are not allowed to wear revealing clothes and there are several rules to follow. People in Thailand pay so much respect to their temples so as tourists, you must amend to their rules and regulations too. To know more about these temples, continue reading our Phuket Travel guide as we list down temples in the island that are worthy of a visit!  


Phuket Travel Guide

Out of all the temples in Phuket, the most visited and largest temple is Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple). It is situated in the heart of Chalong, 10 kilometers south of Phuket town. Because of its popularity, hundreds of tourists flock every single day to see the temple. ‘Chedi’, the most recent building on the grounds of the temple which stands 60 meters tall, contains a splinter bone from Buddha. Another attraction in the temple is the pagoda, which is decorated with wall paintings that displays the life story of Buddha. The temple is said to be one of the top places to visit in Phuket and definitely a must-see attraction especially for first-time tourists in Phuket.

Location: Chaofa Road (West) Chalong Phuket 83000

Operating hours: Daily | 7:00-17:00


Phuket Travel Guide

One of the places you should include in your Phuket travel guide is Wat Khao Rang. This temple is located on the popular Khao Rang Hill. It is a home to the famous large golden sitting Buddha, the first of its kind on Phuket Island. Despite the location which is hard to find, tourists still make their way to the temple because of its peacefulness. Most of the tourists that come in the temple are those who came to see Khao Rang Hill Viewpoint or those who eat at restaurants located there. Usually, families come to the temple to make merit by donating fresh food and alms to monks in the morning – one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see in Phuket Island.

Location: Wichit Subdistrict, Phuket Town, Phuket

Operating hours: Daily | 8:00 – 16:00


One of the most famous Phuket tourist places is the Jui Tui Shrine. It is a Chinese shrine found in Koh Phuket. “Jui” means water in Chinese while “Tui” means mortar. This temple holds a vegetarian festival wherein locals in Phuket, Chinese, and Thai together with the Chinese Opera participate. It is composed of series of buildings and a huge courtyard. These buildings have carvings and accessories that are protected by dragons and carved dogs. Three main altars can be found inside the temple and each of them contains numerous Chinese gods and deities. Beside the shrine stands a ‘firecracker house’ where burning fire crackers are thrown to reduce noise and air pollution. Tourists can also shake the bamboo cup that holds fortune sticks. Each of these sticks has a designated number you should match with a fortune paper nearby

Location: 283, Ranong Road, Talat Nuea, Phuket Town, Phuket

Operating hours: Daily | 8:00 – 20:30


Phuket Travel Guide

Wat Phra Thong (Wat Prathong) is a temple located near the district office of Thalang. This temple is listed as one of the attractions in the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s ‘Unseen Thailand’ programs. One of the main reasons why it is popular is because of the half-buried golden Buddha image. As to why the statue is half-buried, there are several myths about it which spark up the curiosity of many tourists. All of these stories go down to a certain point that nobody could dig up this Buddha that’s why through the years, people gave up. The statue was just restored and named Luangpho Phra Phut which means – Buddha that emerges from the ground. Aside from the famous statue, the temple has a museum that features historical items donated by the locals.

Location: Ban Na Nai, Tambon Thepkrasattri, Amphoe Thalang, Phuket

Operating Hours: Daily | 7:00 – 17:00


Phuket Travel Guide

Another place you should include in your Phuket travel guide is this temple in Thalang which is known to locals as ‘Wat Lipon’. The temple gains attention because of the 29-meter-high sleeping Buddha on the top of its central building. The said statue is so huge that even if you are still on the road, you will notice it. Inside the temple, you will find other nine small Buddha statues that are all facing the entrance – as if they’re welcoming you. Aside from that, there are non-Buddha images that can be seen too in the temple. These images include a giant, lions that act as the temple’s guards, and phets. According to the old Thai belief, phets are skinny ghosts that are as tall as a palm tree. Some believe that if a person does bad things, he/she will end up as a phet in his/her afterlife.

Location: 20/4, Thepkrasattri Road, Si Sunthon, Phuket

Operating hours: Daily | 7:00 – 17:30

The beauty of Phuket is not seen only in its finest beach resorts but also in places that mirror their cultural and religious values. See Phuket for yourself! Check flight booking offers and Phuket direct flight schedules available in Bangkok Air.